Trailer Services Anglesey North Wales

North Wales trailer servicing is based in Anglesey North Wales providing professional trailer servicing to high standards of works .

We service the full range of trailers with the maximum gross weight of 3500 kg, we service most makes and models of most trailers including caravans.

When repairs are needed and you need it done fast and cost effectively, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to do just that. Whether the repair is mechanical or bodywork, we can put the problem right and get your trailer back on the road.

Whether you need immediate assistance or would like to discuss ongoing requirements, call us on 07584 125 793

Major Service (Braked trailers) This should be carried out 3 months / 3000 miles on commercial trailers with intensive use & boat trailers 6 months / 6000 miles on light use trailers ,If you buy a used trailer All items under Every trip Check Bearings Remove hubs Inspect Brake Shoes and springs Inspect Drum for damage Brake Expander Brake cables Auto Reverse Mechanism Taper roller bearings clean and regrease Adjuster operates Re assemble and adjust the brakes.

  • Check condition of wheels and tyres
  • Check uneven wear on tyres as this can indicate axle problems
  • Visual check Wheel alignment for bent axles ( this is not easy on a single axle trailer.)
  • Check for Vertical play in Drawbar Grease coupling
  • Check coupling Linkages
  • Check coupling bellows
  • Check coupling Damper
  • Check Handbrake Operation
  • Check operation of jockey wheel
  • Inspect wheel on jockey
    wheel Inspect wiring for damage
  • Check all body fittings are secure and operate correctly
  • Check all bolted connections as these can work loose especially axles and couplings.
  • Check operation of props, jacks if fitted General condition (bodywork, chassis for bends and cracks)

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